Welcome to Oka Wasi!

The Amazonian medicine of ayahuasca, master plants and the related ancestral traditions have succeeded to endure to this day despite the threat of globalization that could relegate them to folklore. Simultaneously, our current society is facing a significant decline in spirituality, prompting many individuals to turn to ancestral traditions. In the Amazon, these traditions are considered a form of medicine, as they acknowledge that any lack, discomfort or illness fundamentally stems from a spiritual or energetic imbalance that is essential to restore. The realization of a endangered tradition and a modern society seeking to reconnect with nature, especially with the divine and the soul, has driven us to take on the challenge of creating a spiritual center to preserve and share this medicine and the surrounding tradition.

Over time, the awareness of the significant contributions these traditions can make to the modern world and the connections it maintains with the soul and the surrounding world has become evident. Ayahuasca is not a panacea in itself, despite its numerous benefits for self-understanding and understanding our world. On the contrary, this plant even presents certain risks. However, the consumption of ayahuasca is not the core of the Amazonian tradition; it is rather the diet of master plants and the accompanying teachings that define the richness of this medicine.

The vision to protect and share this medicine is no longer just a dream, and we are delighted to welcome you among us to experience this unique journey that has already allowed many individuals to overcome various types of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual blockages, where modern medicine sometimes failed. Our approach to this medicine is deeply traditional, based on years of experience and learning from Shipibo shamans. Simultaneously, it is holistic, integrating various approaches such as psychology, meditation, yoga, and spirituality. This integration of different methods reflects our commitment to preserving a synergy of sacred tools that are both alive and contemporary, allowing them to evolve with us and the world around us.

What we do?

Our Retreats are meant to establish a trusting connection, guiding you through an immersive journey while providing you with life tools to integrate the experiences into your daily existence with refined awareness and deep spiritual understanding.


Ayahuasca is a brew from the Amazon. For centuries, the indigenous communities of the Amazon basin have been using ayahuasca in their ceremonies.

Diet With Master Plant

The diet is a system of nutritional and behavioural restrictions, a discipline that has a lot in common with numerous spiritual paths.

Integrative Approach

Over many years of partnership with traditional healers in the Amazon, we have developed an integrative approach.


Our two-week retreats organized few times a year, provide a unique opportunity to engage in an immersive journey into the world of traditional Amazonian medicine. Designed for those seeking healing, personal development, and a deeper understanding of spirituality, they are often described by our participants as a pivotal turning point in their lives.

About us

Oka Wasi and all of its retreats are led by Yann Rivière and his wife, Zsuzsi. Yann Rivière is recognized and accredited by the Shipibo Conibo Council, recognized competent authority in Peru, validating the reliability of traditional medicine centers and their healers.  He has been practicing in this tradition for more than 16 years. His wife Zsuzsi Rivière, is also an experienced practitioner, accredited by the Shipibo Conibo Council, as well as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. 

Work ethics and values

Nestled in the heart of lush nature, Oka Wasi Center offers an ideal environment for healing. The private property spanning 9 hectares is meticulously maintained and monitored by our dedicated guardians, ensuring complete tranquility for all participants. Additionally, its proximity to the city of Tarapoto facilitates the fulfillment of any potential needs and transportation.

During our retreats, we emphasize the quality of the experience over quantity. Our events take place in a family-like, intimate setting. By hosting small groups, we have the opportunity to provide individualized and personalized experiences.