Our two-week retreats organized few times a year, provide a unique opportunity to engage in an immersive journey into the world of traditional Amazonian medicine. Designed for those seeking healing, personal development, and a deeper understanding of spirituality, they are often described by our participants as a pivotal turning point in their lives.

The numerous studies on the subject and the growing interest in these practices are undeniable. We take pride in directly sharing this medicine without intermediaries, as it has already provided valuable assistance to many individuals, helping them overcome physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual obstacles where modern medicine may sometimes fall short.

Our approach is firmly rooted in a strict traditional framework, meticulously respecting protocols passed down by the maestros of the Shipibo Conibo tribe. With years of learning alongside them, we ensure a direct transmission of this knowledge while striving to build a bridge between our sometimes distant cultures.

Engaging with master plants and ayahuasca is considered a sacred practice in the Amazon. It is a serious undertaking that requires deep reflection and thorough meditation, distinctly separate from mere tourist curiosity.

As any substance with real effects on the body and mind, it naturally carries certain risks. Our tradition mandates a rigorous preparation protocol called “la dieta” in the Amazon. It is an ascetic system involving dietary and behavioral restrictions aimed at preparing the body and mind for the plant work.

Your safety is our top priority, and we implement a gradual approach to provide all necessary elements to guide you and thoroughly explain everything crucial before your participation. Below, you will find our program, specific indications regarding the dieta, and a non-exhaustive list of potential risks to consider before registering. If questions persist, we will be delighted to address them during a mandatory phone interview before enrollment.

Our commitment to you is to offer a quality experience emphasizing the value, not the quantity, of ceremonies or ingested plants. Particularly concerning the use of ayahuasca, we never endorse overconsumption. Thus, we reserve the natural right to exclude any individual if we perceive the slightest risk.

All our efforts aim to provide an authentic and responsible experience, prioritizing your safety. Our center, located in the midst of nature near the town of Tarapoto, offers a pleasant and secure environment. We deliberately limit the number of participants in our retreats, fostering individual and personalized work in a family-like atmosphere. Yann Riviere and his wife Zsuzsi Riviere (a licensed clinical psychologist and therapist) oversee all our ceremonies and individual sessions, both officially recognized as practitioners of this traditional medicine by the Shipibo Conibo Council.