The Diet With Master Plant

The diet is a system of nutritional and behavioural restrictions, a discipline that has a lot in common with numerous spiritual paths. What makes it different from the others is that during the diet we ingest a master plant that guides us through our quest of finding knowledge about the self and solutions to our problems.

The essence of the diet process is to make space for it in the self by refraining from certain desires. As a result of this commitment and discipline, all the being changes and it reacts physically and emotionally in order to find a more efficient direction in life. Our desires and the daily stress, when they dominate us, they don’t allow us the time to pursue fundamental questions like who am I, where am I going, what is the meaning of life, what is my purpose on Earth? And so on and so forth. Because man has this need in himself, even if he’s not fully aware of spirituality, to bring sense to his life, to feel connected to his soul and to the universe that surrounds him.

Through the diet we create time and space to discover ourselves, and to reconnect with our soul and aspects of our life that used to be left aside due to traumas in life or simply due to the impact of daily stress. We can compare the diet to receiving guests. When we receive guests, we tidy up the house, so that the space is clean, we prepare ourselves to be presentable and we prepare food and drinks to offer. The house is our body that needs to purify and the master plants are the guests; the food and drinks are the attitude one should manifest towards the guests. Hence, we have to put everything in order so that this meeting would go well.

The master plants are also meant to re-equilibrate the aspects of our personality and help us find missing pieces of our soul. Everyone reacts differently to the diet as we are all unique; some might experience the diet manifesting in their dreams and visions, while others in their world of thinking and emotions that come up. Sticking to the same metaphor, a guest that is not well received would never return. Therefore, in order to find the missing pieces of ourselves, we need to create space in our lives to receive and integrate them. We used to say that actually, the diet starts after dieting, as we start making the necessary changes in ourselves, day by day, bringing us the blossoming and fruitfulness we have worked for.

As a conclusion, ayahuasca and the master plants are gates towards higher consciousness, they are meaningful tools when we become too stuck in our minds, in our beliefs, when our thoughts, our mechanisms and our habits have become an armor through which the answers to our fundamental existence can’t be accessed.

Please be aware that ayahuasca and the master plants are not, in themselves, a spiritual path; they do not provide the changes we need in our lives and they do nothing in our place. Through making space in ourselves with the discipline of the diet, we gain understanding of our own fears, of the true causes of our illnesses, and of the transformations we should undertake.

At Oka Wasi, the core value of all the Retreats consists in the diet, and we select our participants according to their intention, their willingness to face themselves and their motivation to take action afterwards. We provide a safe and nurturing setting for introspection, supporting responsible attitudes towards this traditional medicine, while the accent is never on the consumption of plants, rather, on a profound journey.

Integrative Approach

Over many years of partnership with traditional healers in the Amazon, we have developed an integrative approach. During these exchanges, we noticed that Western society tends to favor verbal explanations, placing its consciousness primarily in the mind, whereas among indigenous peoples, this necessity is less pronounced.

These differences often led to unproductive exchanges at the beginning of our research due to very marked cultural disparities. Throughout the years spent in this environment, our interactions with the healers allowed us to grasp a deeper meaning through oral tradition, which requires significant time investment to be fully appreciated. We developed the ability to decode and make accessible to the Western world the content of experiences that might otherwise elude it, thus contributing to overcoming these cultural differences.

We observed that in indigenous transmission, a sometimes strict framework, including ascetic diets and drastic isolation, is followed. By making this system slightly more flexible, we achieved more positive results. Respecting tradition, we progressively adapted the learning of this indigenous practice while preserving its integrity. This subtle adaptation led to a better understanding of its essence and potential. In reexamining this approach, we reduced the duration of isolation, sometimes spread over several months or years, to a format of a few weeks more in line with our current lifestyle. By loosening some constraints, such as total isolation, we encouraged enrichment through oral tradition and individual discussions, thus following a therapeutic protocol adapted to each person. This created a conducive exchange space for a more welcoming reception of this tradition, respecting the deep need of this culture to have an authentic experience, while enriching it with sometimes incomplete oral tradition and a psychological approach conducive to the success of this experience on a personal level.

Now, to better meet the constraints of our modern lifestyles, we offer online workshops and conferences to delve into this subject, allowing a remote exploration of our Integrative Approach. This initiative aims to provide better compliance with current schedules while enabling a enriching immersion in the teachings of Amazonian traditional healers, from the comfort of one’s home. These events are offered several times a year. Not only do they provide a privileged opportunity to assess progress, integrate experiences, and answer questions while staying connected, but they can also serve as an introduction and preliminary preparation for an on-site retreat. These online workshops and conferences represent a unique opportunity to explore our integrative approach and perhaps get acquainted. In summary, our ongoing commitment is to share the teachings of Amazonian traditional healers in an accessible, respectful, and contemporary manner, thus opening the door to a deeper understanding and personal transformation for everyone. Continuing on this path, we have received numerous positive feedback on this approach, validating its relevance and interest. These encouraging responses demonstrate the positive impact of our integrative approach in the transmission of teachings from Amazonian traditional healers. We are determined to continue our commitment, offering a wider audience the opportunity to explore, understand, and undergo personal transformation through our integrative approach, accessible, respectful, and adapted to our time.