Work Ethics and Values

Nestled in the heart of lush nature, Oka Wasi Center offers an ideal environment for healing. The private property spanning 9 hectares is meticulously maintained and monitored by our dedicated guardians, ensuring complete tranquility for all participants. Additionally, its proximity to the city of Tarapoto facilitates the fulfillment of any potential needs and transportation.

During our retreats, we emphasize the quality of the experience over quantity. Our events take place in a family-like, intimate setting. By hosting small groups, we have the opportunity to provide individualized and personalized experiences.

Yann and Zsuzsy Rivière, both with extensive training in this tradition, lead our ceremonies exclusively as a couple. They ensure a respectful environment for the smooth conduct of this practice.

We always prepare ayahuasca on-site, using the Banisteriopsis caapi plant (ayahuasca) and the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub (chacruna). Our brew consists solely of these ingredients, with no potentially risky plants, such as datura, brugmansia (toé), brunfelsia (chiric sanango), chaliponga, coca, or san pedro cactus, added as additives.

We strictly adhere to traditional safety protocols, including a thorough explanation of the risks and benefits associated with ayahuasca use. Upon arrival, each participant receives a liability waiver and a medical form to be filled out manually. If you prefer to review and complete these forms in advance, we would be happy to email them to you. Additionally, please note that the liability waiver also serves as a contract detailing the rules of life and participation in the retreat.

We follow a progressive protocol for plant administration during ceremonies, ensuring that each person can find the method that best suits them for exploring the world of plants. This gradual approach helps us avoid potential risks associated with excessive consumption of ayahuasca or master plants.

Oka Wasi is an integrative project with the primary goal of preserving the ancestral wisdom of Shipibo shamanism and sharing it in a wholesome manner with the world, as an increasing number of people turn to the unique knowledge of this tradition. Our focus is on creating a fair trade space, where activities are not aimed at financial gains. Our employees receive fair wages, and we offer discounts for participants facing social, financial, or physiological barriers.

Nature conservation and a positive impact on the environment are fundamental to our values. Thus, a significant portion of our income goes towards the renovation and maintenance of the center, payment of employee salaries, and the rest is invested in acquiring land for reforestation and preserving rare plants and trees in the Amazon rainforest. We have already initiated a program to replant endangered ayahuasca, along with the creation of a botanical garden and a small permaculture project.